Where is it?

The metropolitan area of Oporto (Porto in Portuguese) is located in north-western Portugal where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean.  Check it on Google Maps.

The Historic Centre of Oporto was considered World Heritage by Unesco in 1996.

How to get there?

There are many options available to get to Oporto (by car, by plane, by train, by boat) so it’s hard for me to give you specific details on each of the means of transportation.

By airplane:

                  If you have limited time for your holidays and you only plan to stay a few days to know the city, going by airplane is your best option. The Porto (OPO) Airport is a destination available by many airline companies, including low-cost companies.

The Oporto Airport has a Oporto Metro station. By metro you’ll be in the center of the city for 1.95€ in approximately 30minutes.

By train:

                It shouldn’t be hard to travel from Europe to the train station of Campanhã – Oporto. If you have enough time for a few stops more other than Oporto you could consider an Interrail pass. Unfortunatly there isn’t a high speed rail connection (TGV) to Oporto yet. Helpful links: CP ; Interrailnet.com

By car:

                Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe and is bordered to the West and South by the Atlantic Ocean so travelling from central Europe to Oporto will take time.

I’ve used Google Maps to create a few possible itineraries, hope it helps and that it gives you an idea of how long the travel will take.

Vigo – Oporto (estimated time: 1h36m)

Madrid – Oporto (estimated time: 6h04m)

Paris – Oporto (estimated time: 14h46m)

Helpful Links:

Wikipedia Travel Guide

Portugal Discovery – watch their Oporto video on youtube: Here

One Planet Travel



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  1. Low Cost Guide Says:

    After just coming back from Porto, I can only agree with your recommendations and I really like your tipps. I traveled by plane, probably the best option when coming from Central Europe!

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