Trindade and Aliados

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Trindade station

Trindade station

The Metro Station of Trindade is currently the biggest station in the Porto Metro system and the center of all the lines.

Church of Trindade - Oporto

Church of Trindade - Oporto


Trindade Church - central door

Trindade Church - central door

The name Trindade (Trinity) comes from the Church located behind Oporto City Hall. It was built in the XIX century in a neoclassical fashion. Opened to public in 1841 but was only concluded in 1892 because of design disagreements and most important because of lack of funds. In the central door you can see the sign of the Celestial Order finished with the Royal Crown.

Note: the inside of the church will be shown in another post.





“Avenida dos Aliados” or just “Aliados” in Oporto is the center of the city. Its location and the architecture of the surrounding buildings, including the Oporto City Hall (“Câmara Municipal”), make Aliados a perfect place of reference for tourists who start exploring downtown Oporto. It has its own Metro station (D line) and it’s also only a few minutes walking to the biggest Metro station – Trindade and the Train station of São Bento.

 The zone usually called “Aliados” includes not only the “Avenida” but also the continuous “Praça da Liberdade” and “Praça do General Humberto Delgado”. The avenue was reformulated a few years ago due to the construction of the Metro stations. The new design was made by the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira. 

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