Carlos Alberto Square and Cedofeita Street

Continuing the walk from Gomes Teixeira Square: Google Maps

Praça de Carlos Alberto

The oldest reference to this square in Oporto is from 1638 being referred as a place with a great number of stables where people would prepare their mounts for long travels. It was also known as the Box’s Faire because emigrants to Brazil used to make the boxes for their luggage here.

In the North-Eastern corner of the square there is a palace built in the XVIII century and where King Charles Albert of Sardinia was later hosted in his exile. The square was named after him as a way of homage him (Carlos – Charles, Alberto – Albert).

In front of the palace there is a statue of the General Humberto Delgado also known as “The fearless General” due to his attempt to oppose the Portuguese Fascist Dictatorial regime (1933 – 1974) in the elections of 1958. The results of the elections were falsified so that the Regime’s candidate won; the general was murdered in 1965 by the State Police – PIDE.

In the center of the square there is monument dedicated to the Portuguese soldiers who fought and died in the First World War.

Rua de Cedofeita

It was open in 1784 and became an important residential area. Nowadays is one of the main commercial streets of Oporto.

The Cedofeita Church is not far to the West of this street. There is no certainty about when it was built but theories indicate 559 A.D. Many transformations were made to the church along the centuries. I’m sorry but i think that i’ve never seen it open to the public.


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