Madeira: More Photos (1)

Looking at the Blog Stats during October it seems that the photos of Cabo Girão and Santana – Madeira were everyone’s favourites. Here you have more photos of the funny traditional houses and more breathtaking landscape views of Madeira Island. Enjoy.

For more info please re-visit the previous Madeira post.

Another flower at Santana

Another strange flower at Santana

Madeira Capes Cliffs

Land meets Ocean - Cape and Cliff

Curral de Moinas

Eira do Serrado

“Eira do Serrado” or “Pico do Serrado” is another precipice like “Cabo Girão” however this time there’s no sea but land at the bottom. And there’s a town down there called “Curral das Freiras“, it was the most remote town in the island until the relatively recent opening of a tunnel.

Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz from above

Thanks everyone for your visits.

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11 Responses to “Madeira: More Photos (1)”

  1. mouseinyourhouse Says:

    Love the photos! And thanks for stopping by. Will keep checking back to see your beautiful photos, so I can escape the Southeast every now and then!

  2. Bev Says:

    Thanks for all your comments.
    Your photos are great – Madeira looks a lovely place to go. Maybe on my next travels…………lol!

  3. Richard Tulloch Says:

    Thanks for the comment on the Gong ride. A great thing not just for regular riders, but there are lots who just get on the bike once a year…well, after a little training anyway.

    Like your photos of Portugal too = we were there last year (Lisbon and Tomar), loved it, and should post a blog about it soon. Best wishes, Richard

  4. Kathy Says:

    Wow, it looks like California!

  5. sheeza Says:

    pics are awesome and winsome too. i love the nature and that’s so superb.

    like it alot

  6. findandyleonard Says:


    I really enjoy the concept of this blog. It is awesome to get a little inside scoop of destinations that I either would like to visit, or at least want to know more about. Thanks!


  7. sartenada Says:

    Great photos. I have nor visited (not yest) Madeira, but I have been on the Azores. If I understand right, Madeira is island of flowers in the springtime.

  8. lechua Says:

    thanks for your comment and dropping by… would love to explore portugal someday!

  9. Sartenada Says:

    We love Madeira this year. Fantastic landscapes.

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