Madeira: “Levadas”

Levadas” are aqueducts in Madeira Island built in order to bring water from the North of the Island where it is abundant to the South where the main colonization of the Island has always taken place. Besides carrying water the Levadas also create walk trails in the landmass of Madeira that are the best ways to explore the natural wealth of this island. You’ll be able to see the laurisilva endemic forest (UNESCO World Heritage, 1999) with trees like Ocotea foetens, Laurus azorica or Persea indica and also birds like the Trocaz Pigeon or the Pterodroma madeira and others.

There are many trails with different difficulty ratings, I don’t know yet if I’m going to post specifically about different levadas later but it is easy to find the information on any of the hotels or tourism centers in the island.

Most of these trails will take several hours to complete and go across remote parts of the island so you shouldn’t go alone in case you get hurt or need medical assistance for some reason.

Special thanks to Carolina for the photos.

“Caldeirão Verde” means Green Cauldron; “Lagoa do Vento” means Wind Lagoon

There aren’t snakes or any other dangerous animals in the Island.

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Other interesting links:; Youtube (levada video); Madeira 1st post

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3 Responses to “Madeira: “Levadas””

  1. Don Amaro Says:

    It is the great way to get in touch with Mother Nature …. when she is enjoying here holidays here on Madeira Islands 🙂

  2. sartenada Says:

    Thank You presenting Levadas. I have not seen them, but here in my country when people are going to Madeira they make a walking tour alongside Levadas. On one personal homepage it is said that Lavadas have been built since 15th century.

  3. Don Amaro Says:

    The Levadas were built around the 16th century by the first settlers of Madeira. These are truly a work of art and they criss-cross through solid basalt cliffs, along sheer rock walls and through lush, dense forests, valleys and mountains …. covering a total distance of approximately 2,500km.

    The paths along side are originally used for maintenance of the levadas, … but nowadays these are popular trails for walking and discover the true beauty of Mother Nature’s offspring here on the island of Madeira.

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