Melgaço: Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine 1

Since 2007, some mountains in Melgaço have become populated by large wind turbines for electric energy production. This change in the landscape is noticeable in any clear day from Vila. The town always seemed surrounded by mountains, now tall white turbines guard the top of these mountains with their spinning blades. I think it is a small price to pay considering the benefits for the environment.

Melgaço is one of the municipalities covered by the “Alto Minho Eolic Park” or “Alto Minho Wind Farm“, an investment of more than 340 million Euros in northern Portugal, creating a 240 megawatt park with 120 wind turbines. From the newspapers I found it creates 1,25% of the electricity used in Portugal, with an annual production of 55million Euros worth of electricity. It is said to save the production of 466 thousand tons of CO2 for year.

Here are some photos of the turbines:

For more information about Melgaço please check the other posts in this category.


This post will be updated if I upload more photos from the wind turbines.

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3 Responses to “Melgaço: Wind Turbines”

  1. sartenada Says:

    I guess that our world is changeing and we must to be accustoming to see these modern wind mills around our environment.

    Happily there are existing old wind and water mills which remember to us that earlier they gave electricity which was need to ground grains.

  2. Marion B. Says:

    Une énergie “propre” et inépuisable.
    Et l’oeil s’y habitue, je leur trouve même un côté poétique, ces moulins à vent des temps modernes ! 🙂

  3. Susi Spice Says:

    i guess on the one hand we save the planet from petroleum or nuclear but on the other we lose the natural beauty of the landscapes..

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