Oporto: MixPão Pastry

MixPão (“pão” means bread in Portuguese) is a pastry/ snack-bar located in Matosinhos, on the Eastern side of the Fisherman’s roundabout “Praça da Cidade do Salvador”. (marked on the map)

It is particularly known for its croissants: simple, with chocolate or with cream.

1. Chocolate filled Croissants

As you can see in photo 2 there’s also other cakes like apple cake (1,20€/slice), carrot cake (1,20€/slice) and also other options like pizza slices (1,25€/slice) or “pão com chouriço” (bread baked with “chouriço” inside).

Nice place for breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.

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5 Responses to “Oporto: MixPão Pastry”

  1. anutritionisteats Says:

    I’ll take a cream one! 🙂

  2. amirmukhtar Says:

    interesting, pao/pow is also a chinese word for bun (steamed)

    • thelocalguide Says:

      I don’t know if there is a link between the words but I is possible since the Portuguese did reach China during the Discoveries. Macau only changed to Chinese administration in the year 2000 for example.

      Couldn’t find Chinese words with Portuguese influence, only Japanese words, sorry :\

  3. plamarie Says:

    Oh dear. those croissants are out of control. I would be weak to passing those up!

  4. shellvpower Says:

    mmm, that looks gooodd!

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