From Praça da Cidade do Salvador to Praça de Gonçalvez Zarco

This post is a continuation of theMatosinhospost.

Check the path I followed on this post: HERE

Fisherman’s roundabout -> Cheese Castle

Find: "Fisherman's roundabout"; Transparent Building; Sealife and "Cheese Castle" in this photo

Following South after the Fisherman’s roundabout you’ll be between the Transparent Building to the West and the borders of Oporto City Park (“Parque da Cidade”) to the East.

Parque da Cidade” is the largest green area in Oporto.

The Transparent Building (“Edificio Transparente”) is named like this because of its façade with huge windows towards the sea. It is a building dedicated to leisure, it features a gymnasium, a surf school, a bycicle shop and bars downstairs near the beach.

At the end of this path you’ll reach “Praça Gonçalves Zarco”, another roundabout. It has a statue dedicated to the knight and navigator Gonçalvez Zarco –administrator of the settlement and colonization of Madeira Island in 1425. This roundabout is usually known as “Castelo do Queijo” Cheese Castle roundabout because of the rock upon Saint Francis Xavier Fort was built.

SeaLife was built recently near this roundabout.


Note: One of the  sightseeing bus lines parks in this roundabout to allow tourists to visit the Castle. It works in “hop on – hop off” fashion. This means the tourist can use his daily ticket to enter or leave the buses as he pleases, exploring at his own pace. More information can be found on the official site: HERE. I expect to create a post on the subject later.

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