Melgaço: Sports and Leisure Center

Aerial View

The Melgaço Sports and Leisure Complex was inaugurated in the end of 2001. It features areas for professional sports training (stadium, synthetic field, indoor sports arena, athletics track, and tennis courts) and also for relaxation during holidays (children’s playground, hotel, youth hostel, minigolf, swimming-pool, SPA). It is an excellent place for training because of its quiet location in the middle of nature, with pinewood forest and the Minho River surrounding it. It was one of the official training centers of the UEFA Euro 2004.

Several teams have chosen this Sports Center, some of them more than once, for example:

Helpful Links:  Melgaço Sport Center official pageMelgaço Sport Center youth Hostel official page; Google Maps (location) ; Sport Center’s Hotel (

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  1. Melgaço: Sports and Leisure Center « the local guide | Angola News Says:

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  2. zgriptzu Says:

    When I started my blog, I chose this skin for it and it had been there for a while 😕 nice one. thanks for the comment. i should i have written the post in English…

    my mom once told me that I’m writing in English on my blog because if i wrote in romanian, she would understand:)) so i stopped.

  3. Ok Foard Says:

    Hey, awesome post. Random thought, but I recently read that 70% of Americans do not have passports. I always thought it was the head/club itself. Something completely below what I would have guessed. Anyway, keep up the stellar writing!

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