Roasted Chestnuts


Roasted Chestnuts vendor

Roasted chestnuts street vendors aren’t as common as they once were. One of the spots where you can still find a regular one is the “Cidade do Salvador” square in Matosinhos. The owner has an ice cream kiosk too nearby so I guess this is how he does business throughout the year: selling ice creams in summer and chestnuts in the winter.

Roasted Chestnuts in a paper cone

 He sells them inside paper cones to keep them warm longer, for 2€ a pack.


Note: For more information about “Praça Cidade do Salvador” at Matosinhos please check the “Oporto: Matosinhos” post or the blog’s index.

Photos taken January 14, 2010

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8 Responses to “Roasted Chestnuts”

  1. newmarksblog Says:

    first photo is bit dark.

  2. Kristen Johnson Says:

    I lived in Seoul, Korea as a kid, and I remember street vendors selling roasted chestnuts in the wintertime. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. theidiotcroissant Says:

    I had a buckeye tree in my yard when I lived in Colorado. I guess it was a pretty rare tree for the area. I had many people come by and ask if they could have some for roasting. I read that they are poisonous though. I guess not because I saw my neighbors after the ingested them. Haha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. tinasphotoblog Says:

    I have never tasted roasted chestnuts, it would be exciting to try it out!

  5. plamarie Says:

    Oh, that is soo neat. I bet they smell grand!

  6. thedelishdish Says:

    ive never had roasted chestnuts but they look awesome!! i love the beautiful pictures on this blog! thanks for sharing your experiences!

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