From Praça Gonçalvez Zarco to the mouth of Douro River

This post is part of  Matosinhos – Oporto following the Atlantic Ocean and Douro River, please check the Index page for the other posts following the same tour.

Check the path I followed on this post: HERE

Cheese Castle -> Foz Castle -> Douro River mouth

The Atlantic Ocean

Continuing to follow the Atlantic Ocean Southwards you’ll be now in an avenue with a wide sidewalk. There are a lot of classy villas and other buildings on the other side of the road. This is probably the zone with the most expensive houses in Oporto.  

Along the coast there are small gardens near the sidewalk and 3 not-too-big sand beaches. Then you’ll reach another castle (“Castelo da Foz”) guarding the mouth of the Douro River.

Danger: Wave Zone

The manmade barriers in the mouth of the river are usually under the continuous collision of waves so walking to some areas above the barriers can be dangerous.

The “Arrábida” bridge can be seen upriver linking Oporto to Gaia (Vila Nova de Gaia).

After the “Foz” Castle, leaving the Ocean behind and already following the Douro River, there is a public garden “Jardim do Passeio Alegre”, with fountains and a mini-golf area.~

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7 Responses to “From Praça Gonçalvez Zarco to the mouth of Douro River”

  1. Erin Woods Says:

    Such beautiful pictures!! Wish I were there instead of trapped in this ice storm!

  2. Susan Star Says:

    Beautiful….photos and info are great!

  3. boxingbutterfly Says:

    I’ve always wanted to do some traveling around Central and South America. Mainly El Salvador, Panama, Brazil and Argentina. I have done Europe, Asia, Canada, and Mexico. One day, yes, one day.
    Or would that be, “¡Un día!?
    Thanks for sharing the nice pics and great info.

  4. sartenada Says:

    I agree with others that Your photos are great a joy for eyes to see.

  5. lauress Says:

    Did you take all the pictures? They really are an invitation to travel.

    • thelocalguide Says:

      yes I took them all, except the aerial view from the Melgaço Sport Center if memory serves.

      Glad to know they are nice since :). Feel free if you need to use a couple of them, even for commercial uses. Just send me a mail or a comment in the blog letting me know pls 🙂

  6. Manel Says:

    I like the ocean pictures – nice work!

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