Oporto: Sealife

What a Strange Ray

Oporto’s Sea Life is the 30th center of this kind, owned by Merlin Entertainment.

It is an aquarium containing a variety of sharks, starfishes, rays and other fishes in displays that recreate their natural habitats. It is located near the “Gonçalves Zarco” square. Unfortunately photos aren’t allowed inside.

Ticket options:

Adults: 10.95 €

Children (0-3 years old) : FREE

Children (4-12 years old) : 8.20€

Seniors (>55 years old): 8.20€

Family Ticket (2 Adults+ 2 Children): 32.50€

Optional SeaLife guide: 3.50€

Official Site: SealifeEurope.com


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5 Responses to “Oporto: Sealife”

  1. tinasphotoblog Says:

    The sealife is always exciting to look at. There´s so many different species of sharks and not all of them is dangerous!

  2. theidiotcroissant Says:

    looks beautiful.

  3. mary richardson Says:

    Lovely… we just visited a huge aquarium here that I will post pictures of soon. It sort of makes you really think about loss of biodiversity and how our oceans need to be protected.

  4. lindsayruns Says:

    Aquariums are my favorite! I really want to start volunteer scuba diving at my local one, but I can’t do their time commitment right now. Thanks for the comment on my blog earlier today, I like your blog concept…really cool idea!

  5. cafegirlchronicles Says:

    I have been to Oporto (on business) so I’ve never seen it like this. It’s beautiful…next time I’ll plan on staying a little longer!

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