Matosinhos in January

Seashells in Matosinhos

It’s winter in Portugal of course but snow is not common in Portugal. Especially not compared to the temperatures in central Europe, our January here had snow in some mountain districts but in the north  coast the temperatures were always around 10ºC (50F) and we had some sunny days too.

In sunny days there was a considerable amount of people walking along the beach. The surfers also enjoy this days for some practice since, except some occasional brave person, they are the only ones in the water.

For more information about Matosinhos please check my other posts in this Category.

Photos were taken in January 2011.


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4 Responses to “Matosinhos in January”

  1. The Hook Says:

    Very cool pics. Keep up the good work.

  2. Cymbria Says:

    Great pics 🙂 Makes me long for beaches, even January ones. I woke up this morning to half-o-dozen fresh inches of snow here in Calgary, Canada. What a way to start a Monday… sigh.

  3. countoncross Says:

    Love your site!!! I am Portuguese and my family is from the Azores, but have never traveled to Portugal. I love these pictures!! -Thank you. 🙂 – Kari

  4. sartenada Says:

    Lovely photos. Most of all I liked People along the coast. It brought into my mind my memories from Estoril.

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